Individual Program Pathway (IPP)

Xello is a web-based tool that allows all Grade 7 – 12 students to complete the requirements of an Individual Pathway Plan – the IPP. What does this do?

  • build self-awareness through online assessments
  • better understand themselves and the importance of building a career/life plan
  • create a digital portfolio of career information, school information, assessment results, grades and more!
  • explore pathways, career options and post secondary destinations through a database of profiles, schools, programs, scholarships, and job search tools

With the help of Xello all students leave with a clear plan for their initial post-secondary destination, with confidence in their ability to implement, and revise or adapt, their plan throughout their lives as they and the world around them change.

Login instructions for students

Students will log into Xello using their School Google credentials. They can access Xello through the link in the waffle, or by clicking on the Google SSO URL shown below