Catholic Education Week (CEW)

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We are Called to Love | Appelés à aimer

“If we love one another, God lives in us.” (1 John 4:12)
«Si nous nous aimons les uns les autres, Dieu demeure en nous.»
(1 Jean 4, 12)

Catholic Education Week is held each year in May in our 29 Ontario Catholic School Boards. Catholic Education Week 2024 is scheduled to take place during the week of May 5 – May 10.

The theme for Catholic Education Week 2024 is: Catholic Education: We are Called to Love | L’éducation catholique: Appelés à aimer

The five sub-themes for Catholic Education Week are:

Monday: As people of hope / Dans l’espérance
Tuesday: As people of faith / Dans la foi
Wednesday: As people of mercy / Avec compassion
Thursday: As people of justice / Dans la justice
Friday: As people of joy / Dans la joie

Catholic Education Week Prayer

God who is love,

Love is our calling, and the goal for which you have made us.

As we celebrate Catholic Education Week,

may our love in action reveal to our world

that we are people of justice and mercy.

May our daily words and example show clearly

that we are people of faith and hope.

In the ways we reflect you daily,

may everyone recognize us as people of joy.

Help us to never forget how much you love us,

and to cherish your life within us,

which gives energy and direction to our loving.

May we hear your call to love generously and inclusively,

and may we call our world to be more loving also.