College Jump Start

College Jump Start is an alternative education program that provides students the opportunity to experience college while working towards a high school diploma (OSSD). With the support of Confederation College, School-College-Work Initiative (SCWI) and the home school (St. Ignatius or St. Patrick), students can take advantage of a unique opportunity without the normal costs of a college education. Tuition, student fees and transportation costs can add up to thousands of dollars. College Jump Start allows students to gain the skills and confidence to make informed decisions for their college future.

Students will be taking many of the same credits they would take at their home school. The compulsory credits are the same. Some of the courses are delivered in small groups, while others are done independently. Students will have the full support of a high school teacher in any courses taken. To earn credits students will have to successfully complete all assigned work and a final exam or culminating activity. In addition to the compulsory credits, elective credits are required to graduate. A student in College Jump Start has the unique opportunity to earn dual credits that count as electives.

A dual credit is a course where students can earn both a high school credit and a college credit. These courses are delivered by college professors, and students are supported by their high school teacher throughout the course.

At College Jump Start, students will develop a timetable with the teacher that allows them the best opportunity to be successful. Schedules will depend on how many and what kind of credits the student is taking. All students must register in a minimum of three courses however it is possible to take up to five courses, including dual credits. Added incentives are available in all courses with consistent completion of assigned tasks.

Once developed, students are expected to follow their timetable. If changes are necessary, they must be made in consultation with the teacher.

Our goal is to help all students achieve success as they prepare for their future.