French Immersion

Parlez-vous français? These links include various resources such as learning aids and dictionaries to help children in French Immersion learn the language with age-appropriate content and reading level. They are also a good resource for parents who many not be fluent in French.

BBC Canada

BBC Primary French Online

The Primary French website provides a means of teaching the spoken language with accurate pronunciation and intonation, and shows how the spoken word relates to the written word. It provides progression and continuity, as the consolidation activities build on language already learnt.

Coin Des Pets

Coin Des Petits

J'ai conçu ce site spécialement pour toi, tout en espérant faire briller l'étincelle de joie dans ton regard d'enfant. Reviens, me voir, il y aura des surprises pour toi, qui s'ajouteront tout au long des semaines.

Jeux de Francais

Jeux de Francais

Dans ce jeu, tu trouveras dans les différents thèmes proposés, des mots que tu dois associer à des images.

In this game you will find in the various proposed subjects, the words which you have to associate to images.

Little Explorers - Frech

Little Explorers

This is the English - French version of our Picture Dictionary with links. 1,429 illustrated dictionary entries!

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