Primary (K-3)

The Internet can be a valuable resource, but it’s also largely unregulated – and the information isn’t always correct. These early years are formative, and children benefit greatly from strong parent/child interactions. We highly recommend that you explore these recommended links with your child so he or she can ask questions as you go.

Language Arts

Words and language have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day lives. Learning how to use them effectively is a key skill in our development. These links relate to English language topics including reading, storytelling, and communication.

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Math & Science

Math and science are two key skills in academics. Not only are they important subjects in themselves, but they help form the basis of the logical mind, which improves their overall learning skills as they get older. These links are to age-appropriate math and science websites.

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Canada & The World

History, geography, culture – all play integral roles in our lives. Learning how people live in other parts of Canada and other parts of the world gives us a higher level of appreciation and compassion, and helps us better understand ourselves. These websites provide good, factual information about people here and around the globe.

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Research & Resources

Much of the research we do does not fall into any particular category. The following links provide information on a wide range of things from news, current events, and general facts to community information.

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French Immersion

Parlez-vous français? These links include various resources such as learning aids and dictionaries to help children in French Immersion learn the language with age-appropriate content and reading level. They are also a good resource for parents who many not be fluent in French.

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