Use your locker to upload and store personal files. All files that are stored in your locker are confidential unless you chose to make them public. This tool is especially useful if you work on multiple workstations, as you can store and access information in a central and stable location. To access your locker, click the Locker link on your Course Home navigation bar.

Different file types can be stored in the locker, including word-processing documents, spreadsheets, zip files, and graphics. The different file types are represented by the graphic beside the file name.

Storage capacity

Your locker has a maximum storage capacity set by your organization. The Locker Usage widget, which displays with your My Locker page, indicates your current usage and maximum storage capacity.

If your locker is filling up, you will want to delete or move some of your files.

Adding a file to your locker

From your My Locker page:

  1. Click the Upload New File button. The Upload New File page displays.
  2. Click Browse and locate the file you want to upload.
  3. Enter a brief description of the file.
  4. Click Upload.

A confirmation page displays indicating the successful completion of the file upload to your locker. The Locker Usage indicator displays your new storage usage.

Viewing an uploaded file

To view a file that you have uploaded, click on the file name. The file opens using the appropriate program.

Sharing your locker files

A green checkmark beside a file under the Public? column indicates that a file is accessible to other users.

To share or hide files from users

Select the files you want to share or hide and click the Toggle Public button.

Saving a file to your computer or network

To retrieve a file that you have uploaded:

  1. Right-click (control-click) on the file name and select Save Target As… (If you are using Netscape, right-click (control-click) on the file name and select Save As.)
  2. Browse to the drive or file where you would like to save the file, and click Save.

Changing the description and availability of a file

  1. Select the file you want to edit, and click Edit. The Edit File page displays.
  2. Edit the file’s properties, and click Save.

Deleting files

Warning: When you choose to delete a file, you are not asked to confirm the deletion. Make sure you are certain you no longer need a file before you delete it.

Select the files you want to delete, and click Delete. The files you selected are deleted from your locker.

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