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The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board uses the Brightspace elearning technology through the Ontario Ministry of Education. The technology itself was developed by Desire2Learn, a Kitchener-based world leader transforming online education. It is not a curriculum, but rather an easy way for our teachers to add their own curriculum. Brightspace is used by schools all over the world.

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Primary (K-3)

The Internet can be a valuable resource, but it’s also largely unregulated – and the information isn’t always correct. These early years are formative, and children benefit greatly from strong parent/child interactions. We highly recommend that you explore these recommended links with your child so he or she can ask questions as you go.

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Junior (4-6)

As children gain independence, they will be naturally curious and start exploring the Internet on their own. Many children in this age group have access to the Internet already on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Still, we recommend close parent supervision at this age. The approved links here will help reduce misinformation on topics covered.

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Intermediate (7-10)

By this age, many students will be using the Internet as a resource as easily as their textbook, the library, or other sources of information. However, they still may have problems separating truth from speculation, not to mention outright misinformation. These links will help students get the right information from the right sources, and guide their future choices.

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Senior (11-12)

At this point, students rely upon the Internet for much of their research for school projects, essays, and other learning. Just like adults though, they may be susceptible to picking up misinformation from questionable websites. Even “reputable” websites may be wrong from time to time – the old adage “Don’t believe everything you read” certainly applies in the Information Age. We have reviewed the following links to help increase accuracy of the information presented.

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