Senior (11-12)

At this point, students rely upon the Internet for much of their research for school projects, essays, and other learning. Just like adults though, they may be susceptible to picking up misinformation from questionable websites. Even “reputable” websites may be wrong from time to time – the old adage “Don’t believe everything you read” certainly applies in the Information Age. We have reviewed the following links to help increase accuracy of the information presented.

Math & Science

Math and science are two key skills in academics. Not only are they important subjects in themselves, but they help form the basis of the logical mind, which improves their overall learning skills as they get older. These links are to age-appropriate math and science websites.

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Research & Resources

Much of the research we do does not fall into any particular category. The following links provide information on a wide range of things from news, current events, and general facts to community information.

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French Immersion

Parlez-vous français? These links include various resources such as learning aids and dictionaries to help children in French Immersion learn the language with age-appropriate content and reading level. They are also a good resource for parents who many not be fluent in French.

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Social Science

The Social Science Department encompasses the subject areas of history, geography, civics, law, anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy. Courses are offered primarily in English, though there are a few French Immersion classes. The department is made up of 12 teachers, 4 of whom teach full-time social science classes.

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There are six Construction Technology classes offered at St. Patrick High School. Specialist High Skill Major programs, Construction Technology classes and Integrated Technology classes are offered to students from grades 10-12.

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Graduation & Scholarships

Graduation is a special time for students and parents alike. Your hard work and dedication has helped get you to where you are today, and have prepared you for your next steps in your academic and career journey.

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is an experiential mode of learning, delivered under Ministry of Education and Training guidelines, that integrates academic study and classroom theory with experiences in the workplace. Students divide their time between school and the workplace, spending at least half the day with the employer. While at the workplace, students are provided with challenging responsibilities and learn by doing. This 3-way partnership between the high school student, the business community, and the school combines classroom instruction with practical "on the job" training.

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Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative education endeavour between secondary schools and colleges and universities that allows bright, motivated senior high school students the opportunity to undertake college/university level academic learning while still in secondary school and to receive advanced placement, credit, or both from the thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the AP Program.

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