About St. Margaret

Our Mission

At St. Margaret School, we endeavour to teach children to love God, to love one another, to cherish their environment, and to develop a life-long love of learning.

Every child and every adult in Saint Margaret's School is a special gift of God our Father.

Every child and every adult in Saint Margaret's School deserves my respect.

I will do my best to show respect for everyone in my school.

I will co-operate with the children and adults in the school

I will speak with respect to others.

I will play fair with others.

I will do my best to make others feel good about themselves.

I will treat everyone as I wish to be treated.

Thank you God, our Father, for your gifts of people who love and help me.

Saint Margaret, Pray for us.

Who We Are

St. Margaret School was built in 1954, originally consisting of five classrooms which housed students from Kindergarten to Grade Eight. The first addition in 1962 added four classrooms to accommodate Junior students. In 1979, a portable classroom was temporarily added. An extensive addition followed in 1988. Most recently over the summer in 2014, extensive renovations took place in the entryway and office areas.

A Learning Center, library resource centre, library office, conference room, Full Day Kindergarten classrooms, a mudroom, maintenance rooms, extra washrooms, a French office, and large gymnasium have enriched our school environment. Our large playground area contains a baseball diamond, a basketball court, tether ball poles, four square games, and soccer standards. To improve safety, we have recently added a Kiss And Ride Area at the front of the school. Our current enrollment is approximately 235 students.

Allyceea Ennis Memorial

In honour of Allyceea Ennis the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board created a beautiful St. Margaret School outdoor junior kindergarten/senior kindergarten play area. The playground area is dedicated in Allyceea's name. This special area is designated for our youngest learners to play and learn in a safe and natural outdoor environment.

If you would like to know more about St. Margaret School, please contact us at 344-4701.


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