St. Bernard Our Patron Saint

St. Bernard was born in 1090 at Fontaines near Dijon. His parents were Tescelin, Lord of Fontaines and Aleth of Montbard. They both belonged to the highest nobility of Burgundy. Bernard was born to a family of 7 children. By the time Bernard was 9 he was sent to school at Chatillon-sur-seine.

Bernard left home at the age of 20 to join the Monastery of Citeaux. He went there with more than 30 of his family members and friends. Later he was sent to begin a monastery at Clairvaux. Bernard was chosen to be abbot of his community. He led his brother monks by his own example.

Bernard was also a scholar and was well known for his theological writings. Thanks to these writings he received the name of doctor of the church. During his life time Bernard formed over 163 monasteries around Europe. Bernard died in 1153 and was canonized by Alexander III, becoming the first cistaian monk placed on the calendar of saints.

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