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Welcome Back! 2022

We are so excited to welcome you back!  

Last week we met with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to discuss COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming school year. Their overwhelming message is, if you are not feeling well, please stay home. The province is taking a ”whole illness” approach to respiratory and gastrointestinal  illnesses. Responsibility is on the individual to complete the school screen and follow the guidelines. 

On the advice of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, for the 2022-23 school year, most health and safety requirements remain unchanged from the previous direction provided to school board partners at the end of the 2021-22 school year.
School Screening
We strongly recommend that staff, students and visitors continue to self-screen every day before attending school using the COVID-19 school and child care screening tool.  Please stay home if you are feeling ill to prevent the spread of illness.

Masking and PPE
Masks will not be required for students, staff and visitors in schools, school board offices, or on student transportation. We will actively promote respectful, welcoming and inclusive environments for individuals who choose to wear, or not to wear a mask within our school community.
We will continue to provide free high-quality masks for students and staff and eye protection for staff, if interested.
Rapid Antigen Tests

Upon request, staff and students will continue to have access to rapid antigen tests from their school office.  
Hand Hygiene
Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will continue to be promoted and integrated throughout the school day. Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided in our schools.  
Mental Health
Please know that our Lifeworks Employee Family Assistance Program is available to you and your family.  
Students will continue to have access to evidence-based and timely school-based mental health services and support. The government has made unprecedented investments to support student mental health, including over $90 million projected in 2022-23, an increase of $10 million from the previous year.
Enhanced Cleaning
Enhanced cleaning of cleaning/disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least once daily will continue in our schools and on buses.  
The Ministry provided additional HEPA Units to many rooms within our Board.  We have also added improved filters and ventilation throughout our automated ventilation system.  

Ministry Frequently Asked Questions
Please note Public Health Ontario has updated its Frequently Asked Questions document on Use of Portable Air Cleaners and Transmission of COVID-19. 


Wishing everyone an exciting year back! 

Farewell and Hello to TBCDSB’s Superintendent of Business and Corporate Services!

June 28, 2022, Thunder Bay – Sheila Chiodo, Superintendent of Business and Corporate Services will be retiring this week, with over thirty years of service to the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board! Sheila will be succeeded by Brent Mandryk, the current Manager of Business Services.

Sheila began her career with the Board in 1992. As a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Professional Accountant, she worked within the purchasing/finance department where she successfully became the Manager of Financial Services. After the retirement of the late Tom Mustapic, Sheila became the Superintendent of Business and Corporate Services and has served in this role for the last eight years. Sheila has been a vital part of the Thunder Bay Catholic team in executing school improvement plans, negotiations, Board ventures and capital projects. We will miss Sheila’s charisma, her love for numbers, her knack for enterprise and her passion for children and their education.

I am thrilled to begin this next chapter! However, I have said it before, the people you work with become your family, and I have been so fortunate. I will miss my work family, incredibly. I am happy knowing the Board is in capable hands and will continue to grow and thrive.
- Sheila Chiodo

Her successor, Brent Mandryk, previously worked at Bombardier Transportation in the role of Director of Supply Management and moved on to the Thunder Bay Catholic School Board in 2016. Here he began his career as Purchasing Officer and currently serves as the Manager of Business Services. Brent holds a BA, a Bachelor of Education and has his Masters in Business Administration. Brent is a life-long learner with a passion for education and the betterment of pedagogy within our city.

I am humbled to be part of a strong legacy that Tom Mustapic and Sheila Chiodo have created here at the Board. I cannot thank the Trustees enough for putting their trust in me and I will continue to do my best in this new role. I am thankful for being part of an amazing team at Thunder Bay Catholic and look forward to continuing to assist the betterment of our educational environments for students, staff and families.
- Brent Mandryk

As a Board, we wish Sheila and Brent the very best on their new and exciting adventures outside and inside the Catholic Education Centre!

- 30 -

Enrolling in Virtual/Remote Learning for the 2022/23 School Year

Dear Families,

Thunder Bay Catholic recognizes that in-person learning is the best method of academia for the majority of students. However, we are also aware that some families may wish to opt-in for a remote learning model for the 2022/23 school year.

Students who were previously enrolled in Virtual/Remote learning during the 2021/22 school year will need to re-enroll in virtual/remote learning if they wish to continue in virtual/remote learning.

K-6 Elementary students enrolling into remote learning:

An elementary student requesting remote learning must take all virtual/remote classes which would entail the following:

  • The ability to move to a virtual class is based on availability in the virtual class to accommodate students. Class cap sizes will be adhered to. Based on enrollment, there is a possibility of split or multiple grades.
  • French Immersion and Ojibwe Language classes will not be offered virtually.
  • Students start class on the first day of school, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022 and will follow the Elementary Schools 2022-2023 calendar
  • If at some point during the school year students decide to register in conventional in-person school, it will be accommodated. However, once a move to in-person has been made, a move back to virtual will not be permitted.
  • Families wishing to move to virtual learning must call St. Paul School at 683-8941 by noon, Friday May 20, 2022. Following this date, registrations into a virtual class will not be accepted.

7-8 Senior Elementary students enrolling into remote learning:

A senior elementary student requesting remote learning must take all virtual/remote classes which would entail the following:

  • Parents/Guardians must opt for Remote learning by contacting their school through e-mail by noon, Friday May, 20th 2022.

  • Students opting for remote learning will have a 1 time option to move back to in-person learning. Once a student has returned to in-person learning, they will not have the option to move back to remote learning.
  • French Immersion, Ojibwe Language, Lifeskills and Transitions classes will not be offered virtually.
  • Once registrations are collected, a decision will be made regarding how remote learning will be delivered.
  • Students begin class on the first day of Term 1, Tuesday, September 6th, 2022.

9-12 High School Students Enrolling into Remote Learning Classes:

The availability of Remote course options are limited at the High School level. A high school student requesting remote learning must take all virtual/remote classes which would entail the following:

  • Students must enroll in remote learning by emailing the school account or by noon, Friday May, 20th 2022. A Vice Principal will contact you to make arrangements. In your email please include the student’s name and state the request for Remote Learning
  • Students entering grade 9 in 2022/23 must contact their respective High School Vice Principal if they wish to enroll in Remote learning.
  • Students who were previously enrolled in Remote courses during the 2021/22 school year need to re-enroll in remote learning if they wish to continue in remote learning for the 2022/23 school year.
  • Once registrations are collected, a decision will be made regarding how remote learning will be delivered.
  • Students start class on the first day of Semester 1, Tuesday, September 6, 2022.
  • Students enrolled in Remote learning will have the 1 time option to move back to in-person learning during the semester. Once a student has returned to in-person learning, they will not have the option to move back to Remote learning.

Thank you, have a great weekend.

Welcome to Grade 7!

Welcome to Grade 7!

Grade six is coming to a close and you're on your next adventure to Senior Elementary School!

Get ready for a new environment, exciting classes, passionate educators and the beginning of new friendships and memories.

Come visit our schools, and learn more on:

Wednesday, May 11th
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Join us at

We can't wait to meet you and your family!

Changes to COVID-19 requirements in Ontario

Dear Families,

Today, Dr. Moore announced changes to COVID-19 requirements in Ontario. The following changes will be visible within our community and schools:

Effective March 21,2022

  • Masks will no longer be required in indoor public settings and schools for staff, students and visitors. However, we will support any individual who would like to continue wearing PPE (Masks and Eye Protection). PPE will still be available throughout this year. We ask everyone to be respectful to anyone who continues to wear PPE

  • Cohorting and Distancing will no longer be required indoor/outdoors or on student transportation

  • Capacity Limits for indoor gatherings will be lifted
  • Voluntary non-confirmatory COVID-19 case information will no longer be disclosed to staff and families

Important Information:

The School Screening Tool has been updated with new isolation requirements depending on vaccination status.

Hand Hygiene, improved ventilation and enhanced cleaning will continue within our schools, thank you to our incredible custodial staff who continue to keep us safe!

Absenteeism reporting will still continue until further notice.

Please be advised that rapid antigen tests will still be available for all symptomatic staff and students. These tests can be picked up at any TBCDSB office.

Staff and Students are still required to self screen daily before attending school using the school screening tool.

We know these last two years have been trying; looking back it is surreal to think, at this time two years ago, our lives changed forever. We are blessed and grateful to have so many incredible families, students and staff members throughout our Board. Thank you for your patience throughout this time, and the efforts and sacrifices you have made - they haven’t gone unnoticed.

Reschedule of March PD Day

Dear Families,

We must apologize, we have rescheduled our March 4th PD Day, to Friday May 6th.

This change will be reflected in the school calendar, ensuring March 4th will be an in-person instructional day for our students.

Thank you for your understanding.


School Vaccination Clinics

School-based vaccination (1st dose) clinics for students 5+.

  • St. Bernard ~ January 31
  • St. Jude ~ February 1
  • St. Francis ~ February 2
  • St. Vincent ~ February 2
  • St. Margaret ~ February 3
  • St. Pius ~ February 3
  • Our Lady of Charity ~ February 4
  • Holy Cross ~ February 4
  • Holy Family ~ February 7
  • Corpus Christi ~ February 8
  • St. Ann ~ February 11
  • Pope John Paul ~ February 11
  • St. Martin ~ February 14
  • St. Elizabeth ~ February 14
  • St. Paul ~ February 15

*Extra consent forms may be received 24 hours before their school clinic takes place.

First Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics at School During Instructional Time with Consent of Parents/Guardians for Kindergarten to Grade 8

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in helping us to keep your school open and safe for in-person learning. As vaccines are safe and continue to represent the most effective strategy to protect

Ontarians from COVID-19, TBDHU is pleased to work with your school to offer first dose clinics for students in Kindergarten to grade 8 during school hours but only with the consent of parents/guardians.

Please see the letter here, from the TBDHU.

Thank you,

A Message from the Minister of Education to Ontario’s Parents

Please find attached a letter to parents from Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore.

Potential Positive Case Notifications

As a short term measure, beginning Wednesday, January 19, if your child’s school receives notification from a parent/guardian or staff member of a positive COVID-19 test result from a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or PCR test, the school will email a message to parents of impacted students and school staff.

Parents/guardians and staff members can voluntarily inform their school if their child has tested positive on a RAT or PCR test.

It is important to note that Principals will not be involved in contact tracing and they will maintain confidentiality at all times. As a reminder, the Thunder District Health Unit has advised us that most school contacts are not considered high-risk and only need to self-isolate if they show symptoms or fail the screening tool.

Please note, we will not be publicly posting these advisories.

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