Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative education endeavour between secondary schools and colleges and universities that allows bright, motivated senior high school students the opportunity to undertake college/university level academic learning while still in secondary school and to receive advanced placement, credit, or both from the thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the AP Program.

The AP Program is open to all students wanting to pursue academic strengths in one area (i.e. student may be strong in math). The final exam is optional with a process in place at the school level regarding the recommendation on readiness to take the exam.

Give Your Education Direction

AP students are encouraged to study subjects of interest, to challenge themselves and to get to know other, motivated students. You'll be given the opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth and see if they are what you are really passionate about. AP often helps steer students who are unsure about future plans and gives them a head start on the next step. It prepares students for the future by giving them tools that will serve them well throughout their college/university career.

Get A Leg Up For College & University

AP prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead academically. Colleges and Universities recognize this and participation in AP increases your chances in getting into the school and program you want.

Also, participating in AP can make you eligible for a Scholar Award that can carry some weight when applying to post secondary schools.

Makes Financial Sense

There is no cost to the student to participate in the Advanced Placement Program. At the end of the school year, the student participants who wish to write an AP exam will pay an administration fee to do so (currently set at $94. U.S.). By taking an AP exam you will be investing in yourself and your future. If you receive a qualifying grade on an AP exam, your exam fee investment can translate into major savings. One college/university course can cost more than $250 and as much as $2700.

For Information

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