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The needs of most school aged children/youth can be met through regular attendance in local schools. There are, however, conditions where a child's or youth's social and/or medical needs dictate admission to a care or treatment program. In these situations when children are placed in a custodial or correctional facility, special arrangements are required to address the educational needs.

Service providers from the Ministries of Community and Social Services, Health, Solicitor General and Correctional Services and Education and Training recognize the value of a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of children requiring special services. It is also acknowledged that local school boards are the best agents for the delivery of educational programs for these children.

The General Legislative Grants Regulations, issued annually, provide the regulatory basis for the funding of educational programs provided by school boards for children who are admitted to these government approved facilities.

Co-operative planning is essential to developing programs that meet the needs of children requiring special services in a multidisciplinary environment. The care, treatment, custody, correction and education of these children involve the direct and indirect services from child care workers, maintenance worker, cooks, clerical workers, social workers, nurses, psychologists, medical doctors, psychiatrists and teachers. These can only be accomplished through the co-operative development of individual plans for each child. In preparing and applying these plans, education often becomes interwoven with the social, medical and daily programs provided. The curriculum and instruction are usually modified to meet the child's needs and are integrated with the facility's plan for the child.

The agencies providing these services: negotiate agreements with the local school board, arrange for mutual support, class schedules, participation in program planning, case conferences and contact with the parent/guardian.

All of these programs fall under the supervision of a principal.

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