About Bishop Gallagher

Our Mission

We, the staff of Bishop Gallagher School, are committed to providing our early adolescent learners with a holistic education within a Catholic Christian environment, which challenges our community to examine the past, to develop the present, and to explore the future.

Almighty and Gracious God,
bless all the members
of our loving school community;
the parents, the students, the staff
and all those You have chosen
to help us learn in Your light.

Bring upon us the wisdom of Bishop Gallagher
and like him, let us calmly consider and respect all points of view
before we reach enlightened and healthy decisions.
Make the knowledge we have of You, grow each day. Let your love bloom, in the secret of our hearts.
Teach us, for Your glory, to humbly serve
our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Grant us Lord,
Your knowledge, Your love,
and Your mercy.
Guide us ever closer to You.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Saviour.


Who We Are

As a Senior Elementary School, our program is geared to the adolescent learner. We deliver our academic programming through a "5 Day Rotary Timetable System". The system offers the adolescent learner the contact time with a Homeroom Teacher while receiving speciality teaching in other subjects.

Gator Approved

Here at Bishop Gallagher, we strive for being Gator Approved. Gator Approved living is demonstrating DEVOTION to faith and to community building, showing DIGNITY and treating yourself and others with respect and love, and demonstrating DEDICATION to the present and to lifelong pursuits.

Homeroom Environment


Language Arts offered through the Homeroom Teacher & Library Teacher.

French Immersion subjects include

Language Arts, Religious Ed. Health & Physical Education, and History & Geography.

Student Services

  • Special Education
  • Guidance
  • Native Counselor
  • Library
  • Upward Bound After School Tutoring Program
  • Homework Help - Live, Online Math Tutoring

Speciality Environment

  • Numeracy
    • Mathematics offered with a Speciality Teacher.
  • Religious Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Health & Physical Education
  • History/Geography
  • French & Native Second Languages
  • The Arts
  • Culinary Arts & Design Technology

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